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Knee Pain from Running - Stretching and Glucosamine

It’s already December 16th, leaving us only fifteen days more in 2008. I’ve started to think about how my 2008 has been.
In regard to health, I feel I’ve got weaker this year. It’s got harder for me to run long distance and it’s got more painful after I do it. These days I run very [......]

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Morning Exercise vs Afternoon Exercise

When daylight saving time ended on Nov. 2, my body was already adjusted to outdoor workouts. Oh, no, I should say it’s actually my mind. Running on the treadmill still doesn’t sound appealing - sometime in my life, surprisingly it did! I seriously started to think about exercising in the morning.
I had some myths [......]

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Sand Dune in Manhattan Beach

Neighborhood: Manhattan Beach
33rd & Bell Ave.
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
However perfect your gym is, at least once in a while, you’d feel like exercising outdoors. At least it’s true for me. Actually I’d rather exercise outside most times except those days when it’s either brutally hot or cold.
Sand dune in Manhattan beach is one [......]

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Perfect S Line

S Line
I haven’t heard this expression before, but now I have an idea about what it means in English because I just googled it.
In Korea, we use this word, “S Line”, to describe women’s slim figure. It’s Konglish*.
(* Konglish: using English words or words derived from English words in a Korean context)
There are certain [......]

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Exercise 20 minutes, or 40 minutes?

How long should we do cardio to lose more body fat?
I don’t remember exact sources but I heard quite a few times that longer cardio with low intensity is better than short cardio with high intensity because low intensity cardio workout uses mainly body fat as fuel while high intensity cardio workout uses more carbohydrate. [......]

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