Perfect S Line

S Line

I haven’t heard this expression before, but now I have an idea about what it means in English because I just googled it.

In Korea, we use this word, “S Line”, to describe women’s slim figure. It’s Konglish*.

(* Konglish: using English words or words derived from English words in a Korean context)

There are certain types of exercise that help get slim sexy body. Crazy cardio exercise does not always guarantee beautiful curves. Once, I was training for a marathon and ran fairly a good amount of hours per week. My legs got stronger, but I certainly did not have S line. (not that I do now, LOL).

It’s important to know what kind of exercise is most efficient for your exercise goal. Yes, like everything else, we need to be smart in exercising. Sometimes, I exercise just for the sake of exercise, feeling too guilty to skip it. This should be avoided. Instead, I should have a plan of workout and diet that will help me to have a sexy body as well as to get healthier.

Here are some tips how to shape a desired slim body with beautiful waistline:

1. Ask a trainer to put together a 30 minute nonstop workout schedule. You can create your own. (Take boot camp or weight/cardio classes to see what exercise would be best for you.)

Mix cardio, weight training and stretching. Assign 3 to 5 minutes per exercise and don’t have a break in between. This will help you burn fat fast and define your muscles at the same time. This 30 minute workout should be intensive with all necessary exercises. This also makes sense to busy people who don’t have much time or those who want to use their busy schedule as an excuse.

2. Yoga will be very helpful for shaping beautiful curves when you do it with calorie burning cardio. With various stretching poses, muscles can be strengthened and balanced. It will energize your body and increase your metabolism as well as help you to focus and grow resistance to stress.

It can take more time than you expect in losing body fat only with yoga. If you’d like to see some results fairly soon, do yoga after sweaty cardio exercise.

3. Swimming is another great exercise for slimmer body. Intensive cardio workout or thoughtless weight training may build bulky muscles only. If you mind bulky calves, try swimming instead. Swimming is an excellent cardio that help tone your muscles down.

4. Mix belly dancing into your weekly workout plan. Belly dancing can be challenging compared to other cardio exercises, but it helps build strength in tummy muscles and slim your waistline. Also, it’s a dance class. An hour will pass by a lot faster in a belly dance class than on a tread mill.

Belly dancing itself is not a enough cardio for most people. So, mixing it with regular cardio workout will make your exercise easier and more interesting as well as trim your waistline.

5. What should I do to build lean muscles instead of bulky muscles?: Use lighter weights and increase repetitions and sets to build tone (lean muscles rather than bulky muscles). Do 4 sets of 12 repetitions with lighter weights rather than 3 sets of 8 repetitions with heavier weights.

These recommendations are based on my experience, information that I heard from trainers and the Internet. They are not scientifically proved. Please ask your trainer to find the best solution for your case, because everyone has different metabolism and resistance level. It should be handled professionally.

Just to be motivated, I found these photos of a famous Korean actor, Jun Jihyun and her perfect S Line!

Perfect S Line

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6 Responses to “Perfect S Line”

  1. sarah Says:

    what does S-line mean exactly?
    is that the waist thinner than above and below?

  2. mykoreandiet Says:

    Thanks for visiting. I’ve been asking native speakers how I should describe S-line more accurately. The closest term would be hour-glass figure. So you’re right. The waist is thinner and that would make a beautiful S-line in women’s figure. Hope this helps! =)

  3. Baby, one more time… « Wevegotseoul’s Weblog Says:

    [...] S-line is for women that eat and have healthy bodies not those who starve themselves).  Here is a link to a Korean woman in the States talking about [...]

  4. Trislim Says:

    Awesome post. Thanks for the info.

  5. liu zan (刘赞) Says:

    I know that she be the star of Korea and I also like to see very much Korea a television drama.
    Also like a lot of movie star.Too many!

  6. Vy Says:

    “S-Line” is a korean way of saying “Hour-Glass-Figure”

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