Humble but Flavorful Dinner - Korean Ramyun (Ramen)

Feeling thrifty and feeling lazy, my husband and I agreed to have ramyun for Saturday dinner in spite of its definite killing of Saturday’s romantic mood.

Cooking ramyun is extremely simple with very minimum requirements. Yes, water, heat, and ramyun are all you need! Yet, I believe many people are willing to pay a little more attention to it, i.e. adding more vegetables to it. That will make a big difference in nutrients as well as taste.

Ramyun Korean Ramen Instant Noodles

I usually add some vegetables such as spring onions, Korean peppers, mushrooms and seaweed mix at the end. I sometimes add eggs or mandu (Korean Dumplings) to have bigger servings especially after I exercise. For spicier taste, kimchi is a good add into ramyun, but it itself works perfectly well as a side dish.

Sadly ramyun doesn’t have a lot of nutrients in general while it can taste delicious. A few supplements to cover its ingrained defect is first, to add some vegetables as mentioned earlier and second, not to put the whole sauce powder (from separate sauce packet) because it contains a lot of sodium - we use a little more than half of each sauce powder.

Ramyun Non-Fried Ramen Korean An Twigin Myun
- Non-fried ramyun (An Twigin Myun, The package cover says 345kcal per serving and no MSG.)

The third way for healthier ramyun is to eat non-fried ramyun. As much as I miss fried kind - oh, yummy - I try to buy non-fried kinds these days. I am not in my twenties anymore and have to deal with slow metabolism every day! Easily assumed, non-fried ramyon doesn’t taste as good as fried ramyon. But it is obviously a healthier kind.

When I have non-fried ramyun, I am often consoled by my memories of good and old times when I was still able to devour whatever ramyun I wanted to, not worrying about calorie in-take. What a feast it was to a broke college student having Shin ramyun with a bowl of rice and kimchi! Spicy and yummy!

Ramen Korean Shin Ramyun
- Shin Ramyun (Popular Korean Ramen, Sin Ramyon)

Well, after all, this trade-off of non-fried ramyun with lots of vegetables is not that bad! Don’t we always have good reasons of compromise?

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