Korean Food Glossary - A

Anju (안주)
Side Dishes for Soju and Maekju Side dishes served with alcoholic beverages. Most Korean dishes including snacks and appetizers may be served as anju. Anju is different from banchan - side dishes served with Korean meals.

Some examples of popular anju for beer are mareun anu (dried squid & fish, seaweeds, peanuts, etc), fried chicken, assorted fruits, and tangsuyuk (sweet and sour pork).

Some examples of popular anju for soju (Korean rice wine) are dubu kimchi (Kimchi with Tofu), pork bulgogi, jjamppong (Korean spicy noodle soup), pajeon (Korean spring onion pancake) and assorted sashimi.

Agwijjim(아귀찜) or Agujjim (아구찜)
Steamed agwi(angler fish or monkfish) dish smothered with spicy sauce. Traditional Korean ingredients for seasoning are used for hot and spicy taste such as gochugaru (Korean hot pep per powder), minced garlic, and chopped spring onions. Other ingredients such as mideodeok (Warty sea squirt), kongnamul (bean sprouts) and minari (dropwort) make the dish taste refreshing and savory as well.

Altang(알탕) or Altang JJigae(알탕찌개)
Korean Fish Egg Dish - Altang JjigaeFish egg (Pollock spawn) soup. Altang is a popular soju anju for its refreshing taste from some vegetables such as Kongnamul (bean sprouts) and mu (Korean radish).

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