Korean Food Glossary - C

Chonggak Kimchi (총각김치)
What is Chonggak Kimchi? Pony tail radish kimchi (whole young radish kimchi). It’s a kind of kimchi made with small radishes. Radishes usually have the leafy parts, “pony tail” attached, which are a great source of fiber. Chonggak kimchi can be ready after being left in the shade for only a couple of days.

Chonngak literally means a bachelor. Its origin is the shape of ponytail hair style, chonggak (총각, 總角) that bachelors used to keep in the old Chinese days. The kimchi is named after that because the radish with leafy pony tail looked like the hair style.

Cheonggukjang (청국장)

Chueotang (추어탕)
Loach and Bean Paste Soup

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