Korean Food Glossary - M

Mandu (만두)
One of most favored Korean snack dishes. Crescent-shape (or less commonly round-shape) food of meat (usually pork) and vegetable mix wrapped with a thin piece of flour dough. Usually, it’s served either fried (usually pan-fry, not deep fry) or steamed. The most similar food in non-Korea culture is Chinese dumpling, jiaozi or baozi.

Mandu guk (만두국)
Popular autumn and winter soup made from mandu (dumplings) and vegetables in a anchovy or beef broth.

Miyeok guk(미역국)
What is Miyeok Guk Seaweed soup. Miyeok is sea vegetable (also known as sea mustard or wakame), and it’s rich in iodine, iron, and other minerals. Traditionally, Koreans have miyeok guk on their birthday. Also, it’s known as a great dish for a woman who is recovering after giving birth to a baby.

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