Sa Rit Gol - Authentic Korean Food with Lots of Side Dishes

Sa Rit Gol Saritgol Korean Restaurant Los Angeles Map
Sa Rit Gol
3189 W Olympic Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90006
(213) 387-0909

Sa Rit Gol, favored by many Korean food lovers, impresses its customers with many tasty side dishes (banchan) in the first place. The restaurant has also earned the reputation of one of the best Korean restaurants in Los Angeles thanks to their famous seafood dishes, i.e., spicy cod stew, and good quality Korean BBQ.

Saritgol Tucked Away Korea Town

The restaurant, tucked away in the northeast corner of a tiny mall between Olympic and Serrano is well-known for fish dishes and Korean BBQ that have the flavor of home-style cooking. They have quite a big selection of menu, which is not a surprise.

Here are some of their famous dishes:

1. Spicy black cod stew (daegu maeuntang, daegoo maeuntang): Its savory taste comes from lots of vegetables as well as rich and spicy broth. This dish might be more popular among Koreans because it’s pretty authentic.

2. Korean barbeque or galbi (ribs). As typical as in many other Korean restaurants, the waiter / waitress cuts the beaf / pork and cook them on the table grill for you. Sa Rit Gol is known for good quality beef and pork for BBQ.

3. Pancake (jeon) dishes such as seafood pancake (haemul pajeon), myung bean jeon (nokdu jeon) and vegetable jeon (pancake)

4. You can hardly go wrong with dolsot bibimbap.

5. Spicy cold noodle (bibim guksu)

3. Hot pot (jeongol)

Sa Rit Gol Menu - Korean Food

Some of their banchan (side dishes) includes:

Gyeran jjim (steamed egg)
Kkakgugi (diced radish kimchee)
Dongchimi (Water kimchi with Radish)
miyeokguk (seaweed soup)
odeng (fish cake)
Gam ja jorim (baised potatoes)
Kketnip kimchi (seasoned sesame leaves)
dubu (Tofu)
Sigeumchi (seasoned spinach)
Hobak (seasoned squacsh)
Kongnamul (seasoned bean sprouts)
gaji jorim (seasoned eggplants)
Sangchu (red leaf lettuce with soy bean paste, comes with BBQ and galbi dish)
Cheongpomuk (Mung bean cake)
Potato salad with mayonese (yes, it’s now sort of common Korean side dish)

Sa Rit Gol Dolsot Bibimbap

General Information
The restaurant gets busy during dinner hours, so give yourself enough time for Friday or Saturday dinner. It’s more affordable compared to Chosun Galbi and other fancier Korean restaurants, but it’s not definitely one of those cheaper places. $15 to $25 should be enough for most dishes.

The restaurant is B-rated as of October 2008. Saritgol is not that large, but they have a private room for special events.

Sa Rit Gol is another restaurant where they try to keep the flavor of traditional Korean interior with old-style bricks and other country-style ornaments. some people may complain of hard wooden benches, but it comes from traditional Korean culture - many Koreans still eat sitting on hard floor. I’m totally fine with that, but certainly it’s not an attractive point to lots of non-Koreans. However, it’s not unbearable. Their private room is designed to sit on the floor.

On the contrary to the quality of their food, the staff of the restaurant has been criticized by their inattentive service. Feel free to use the bell on the table, or shout for their attention. It’s typical in Korea or Korean community.

The Olympic-Serrano Plaza is tiny, but there is ballet service. Street parking can get challenging at busy times but usually not much hard.

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