How to Cook Brown Rice with Pressure Rice Cooker

How to Cook Brown Rice with Cuckoo Pressure Rice Cooker and Cook Bibimbap (mixed rice).

Cooking Brown Rice

Mix it with white rice, 1:1 or 2:1 (brown:white). Or, go for all brown rice.
Wash it but not too harsh. Brown rice tend to have more dust, but we also don’t want to lose nutrients from white [......]

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Pressure Rice Cooker

Pressure cooker can be a good rice cooker. My mom has been using it as her main rice cooker for over 20 years. Pressure cooker itself is convenient and reliable - reliable, I mean it makes good rice and usually we don’t have worry about burning. But I shamefully seek for more [......]

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How to Cook Brown Rice

Many people find it more difficult to cook brown rice than white rice. The main difference between brown rice and white rice in cooking is the water to rice ratio and cooking time. Because brown rice is less processed (contains its outer bran coating), it takes a longer cooking time and more water [......]

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Brown Rice vs White Rice

Bravo, brown rice!
So thankfully, my parents have not been seriously ill or suffered from any kind of adult diseases while most of their friends have been hospitalized or got operations at least once because of heart-related diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, paralysis, arteriosclerosis, osteoporosis, or cancer . I strongly thank brown rice for that.
My [......]

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I Am on Korean Diet!

I Am on Korean Diet!
There are two big reasons that make me decide to live a healthier life - going on Korean diet. First one is, I bet, a real common one. Yes, my pants have got shrunk, without my permission or without anyone’s permission! They were not one of those baggy [......]

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