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Los Angeles is probably the best city for most Koreans who want or need to live outside Korea because it has the largest Korean community. Living in this favored city, especially for the first five years in Koreatown, I’ve taken it for granted that I can get almost everything Korean with a quick driving. [......]

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Ginseng - Ginger Tea, Insam - Saenggang Tea

(photo from cbs.co.kr)

Insam (ginseng roots, Panax ginseng)
(photo from prkorea.com)

Dates (Daechu)
Until recently, I wasn’t in favor of insam cha (ginseng tea), or any dish that has insam (ginseng) such as samgyetang (Korean chicken ginseng rice soup). I assume it was my natural reaction against my mother’s forceful(?) feeding of insam whenever I visit my parents in [......]

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