Insam Cha - Korean Ginseng Tea

- Insam(인삼, 人蔘) is Korean word for Ginseng.
It’s the end of September and finally the weather starts to cool down. Living in the San Fernando Valley makes me think that even 85 degree is cool! Of course, I have a strong resistance against heat or gets cold really easily.
Cool weather reminds me of many kinds [......]

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Ginseng - Ginger Tea, Insam - Saenggang Tea

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Insam (ginseng roots, Panax ginseng)
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Dates (Daechu)
Until recently, I wasn’t in favor of insam cha (ginseng tea), or any dish that has insam (ginseng) such as samgyetang (Korean chicken ginseng rice soup). I assume it was my natural reaction against my mother’s forceful(?) feeding of insam whenever I visit my parents in [......]

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