Myulchi Bokkeum Recipe - How to Cook Korean Stir-fried Anchovy Side Dish

Some non-Koreans may be puzzled to see Koreans eating anchovies with their eyes and head all attached to them. After watching a few cooking shows on the food channel, I found out Americans usually use anchovies in sauce, mostly melted (so the perplexity understood).

Koreans use anchovies mainly in two different ways: using bigger anchovies to make broth and using smaller anchovies to make a tasty side dish - myulchi bokkeum. [......]

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What is Gochugaru? - Korean Red Chili Pepper Powder

Gochugaru Definition Gochugaru is Korean red chili pepper powder. Gochu means chili pepper and garu means powder. It’s a very common ingredient used in many Korean dishes such as kimchi, bulgogi, or tteokbokki. With a proper amount, it will make dishes savory and arouse more appetite. [......]

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