Benefits of Doenjang - Korean Soy Bean Paste

Doenjang, a traditional Korean fermented soy bean paste, has been one of the main ingredients in Korean dishes for centuries. The taste and smell of doenjang may be too strong for non-Koreans who try it first time because it’s fermented for weeks or months, but for that reason, its nutritional value is very high. [......]

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How to Make Gimbap - Making Healthy Kimbap

What is Kimbap?
Gimbap or Kimbap is a Korean fast food or snack that is popular among Koreans. It literally means ’seaweed (cooked) rice’. It’s made from steamed rice (bap) and various ingredients wrapped and rolled in a sheet of seaweed (gim or kim). It’s served in bite-size slices, usually with Kimchi or pickled radish (danmuji). [......]

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Knee Pain from Running - Stretching and Glucosamine

It’s already December 16th, leaving us only fifteen days more in 2008. I’ve started to think about how my 2008 has been.
In regard to health, I feel I’ve got weaker this year. It’s got harder for me to run long distance and it’s got more painful after I do it. These days I run very [......]

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Drinking Water During Meals

Why do people drink water, orange juice or diet coke while they eat a meal? Um…, it doesn’t sound like a smart question. Some obvious reasons are that they are thirsty, drinks taste good and it’s hard to swallow dry sandwiches without soda. Some goal-oriented people who are on diet might say that it helps [......]

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