Chadolbagi Is Sizzling - Korean Brisket

Um, yummy!
I bet galbi and bulgogi are the top two dishes that are the most popular among non-Koreans and possibly Koreans. But when you have a chance to go to a Korean all-you-can-eat-meat lunch or dinner next time, I’d recommend chadolbagi.
Chadolbagi is a part of beef brisket that is bright, hard and fatty. Koreans usually [......]

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Sa Rit Gol - Authentic Korean Food with Lots of Side Dishes

Sa Rit Gol
3189 W Olympic Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90006
(213) 387-0909
Sa Rit Gol, favored by many Korean food lovers, impresses its customers with many tasty side dishes (banchan) in the first place. The restaurant has also earned the reputation of one of the best Korean restaurants in Los Angeles thanks to their famous seafood dishes, i.e., [......]

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ChungKiWa in Los Angeles - Popular Korean BBQ and Naengmyun Combo

Chung Ki Wa (Chung Gi Wa) in Los Angeles, CA

Chungkiwa is a kind of a restaurant where I take non-Korean friends, families, or relatives. It’s not a fancy restaurant as Chosun Galbi, but it is agreeable, it definitely has the taste and look of Korea, service is attentive, and food is very tasty.
Their menu selection [......]

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Korean Restaurant - Nam Dae Moon Zip Restaurant

Nam Dae Moon is a nice little authentic Korean restaurant in the Alexandria Plaza on the 6th and Alexandria.
My husband and I used to go to Nam Dae Moon quite often when we lived in Korea Town. Mainly because we lived two blocks away from the restaurant but also we thought it’s a perfect [......]

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