Manduguk - How to Make Ddeok Mandu guk -Korean Dumpling Soup

Tteok Manduguk - Korean dumpling soup with rice cake has become one of my favorite dishes these days because it’s one of the easiest guk(soup) that I can make and still delicious. Of course, it will will be a very different story if I dare to make mandu(dumpling) from the scratch. (I do have a strong ambition to make mandu myself one of these days, though!)

But not any time soon. I buy pre-cooked frozen mandu from local Korean grocery stores. There are many different kinds such as kimchi mandu, pork mandu, vegatable mandu, seafood mandu, etc. It usually costs $3 to $6, and one package contains 20 to 40 dumplings. [......]

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Tteokguk - Why Koreans Have Tteokguk on New Year’s Day

What is Tteokguk?
Tteokguk, tteok meaning rice cake and guk meaning soup in Korean, is a traditional Korean rice cake soup dish. It’s a custom to serve tteokguk on Korean (Lunar) New Year Day, but it’s a popular dish that is available throughout the year in a lot of Korean restaurants.
The restaurant version usually has more [......]

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Humble but Flavorful Dinner - Korean Ramyun (Ramen)

Feeling thrifty and feeling lazy, my husband and I agreed to have ramyun for Saturday dinner in spite of its definite killing of Saturday’s romantic mood.
Cooking ramyun is extremely simple with very minimum requirements. Yes, water, heat, and ramyun are all you need! Yet, I believe many people are willing to pay a little more [......]

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Mandu - Korean Dumplings

The delicious mandu (Korean dumplings) that I had a week ago in Myung Dong Kyoja in Korea Town, Los Angeles triggered me to do more research about it. =)

Mandu, one of the most favored Korean snack dishes, refers to crescent-shape (or less commonly round-shape) food of meat (usually pork) and vegetable mix wrapped with a [......]

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