ChungKiWa in Los Angeles - Popular Korean BBQ and Naengmyun Combo

Chung Ki Wa (Chung Gi Wa) in Los Angeles, CA

Chungkiwa is a kind of a restaurant where I take non-Korean friends, families, or relatives. It’s not a fancy restaurant as Chosun Galbi, but it is agreeable, it definitely has the taste and look of Korea, service is attentive, and food is very tasty.
Their menu selection [......]

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Naengmyeon (naeng myun, naeng-myun): Naengmyun literally means ‘cold noodle’ in Korean, and it’s a very popular summertime delicacy in Korea. Ironically, this cold dish was a traditional wintertime dish in the northern part of Korea.
The noodle is very thin (like angel hair pasta) made of buckwheat (memil naengmyeon), mung bean (nokdu naengmyeon) or kudzu (chik [......]

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Chilbo Myunok - Great Naengmyun Place

If I have to choose one place for naengmyeon in Los Angeles, I will pick Chilbo Myunok without any hesitation. As the restaurant name claims, naeng myun is obviously their main dish. I heard their galbi is pretty good, but I haven’t had it there because neng myun is always the menu that I choose [......]

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